Doja Cat just got her very first No. 1 on the pop chart with her song "Say So" and is locked and loaded with another song she hopes you love just as much.

If you follow Doja Cat on Instagram, you may have seen a nip-slip here and there. She has been pretty raw with her interaction with her fan base. She recently took to Instagram to thank not only her fans but the Barbs, which you may know as Nicki Minaj's fan army, for getting her song "Say So" to number one this past week.

Doja is the daughter of a painter and a South African actor, so talent is something that is in her blood. She truly is a triple threat: writer, rapper, and singer. As you can see, she is getting the attention of some of the music industry's most notable names, having people like Nicki Minaj and Gucci Mane wanting to jump on her songs.

Gucci Mane appears on her next radio single "Like That," which focuses on Doja's flirtatious ways.

What did you think? Did Miss Cat bring it on this new track? Do you think Gucci Mane adds that extra layer that brings this song to "hit" status? I'm digging Doja Cat's vibe but does she have what it takes to get another No. 1 hit?

Is this song wicked good or totally whack?

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