The internet is not always a bad place to dwell, it's also home to very talented individuals who possess a knack for turning everyday experiences into something extraordinary.

Jeremy Honig, hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts, is one such talent, whose recent creation, "Massachusetts: The Musical," received a lot of attention and praise.

Released on Friday, April 5th, via TikTok and Instagram, this musical masterpiece swiftly captured the hearts and minds of viewers. The catchy tune multitasks as an educational tool, ingeniously sharing his knowledge on the various counties within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It even made its debut on the Michael and Maddie Show during the Fun Morning show, instantly captivating audiences far and wide.

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Here's the video you've all been waiting for:

But what exactly goes into the making of such a delightful and informative piece of art? According to Honig, the process was a blend of inspiration, swift execution, and meticulous effort.

“The lyrics took around 30 minutes or so to write," Honig explained, "I had been wanting to do something like this ever since my “New England: The Musical” video got so popular and the way I tend to operate is ‘if I get an idea, I’ll execute it right away’."

The recording phase, a crucial component of any musical endeavor, proved surprisingly efficient for Honig. With only two attempts, he captured the essence of his creation, easily layering harmonies to make the song sound better.

However, the true testament to Honig's creativity lies in his skill with video editing. Armed with nothing but his phone, he embarked on a 90-minute journey of weaving together various elements to produce a visual spectacle. Juggling multiple layers within the editing software, Honig navigated his edits with finesse, ultimately bringing his vision to life.

But Honig has been into making videos for a long time, starting when he was just 10. He used platforms like YouTube and Vine to show off what he could do. Making videos lets him express himself creatively, which is something many artists understand and enjoy.

Good luck getting the chorus out of your head, it's a certifiable "earworm". Lastly, Honig extends a heartfelt shout-out to his alma mater, Haverhill High School, Class of 2014—where his roots began that eventually led him to Worcester.

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