Every now and then, I stumble upon a story that stops me in my tracks, and this is one of those jaw-dropping moments.

Meet Amy Runway, a New Bedford dog mom who defied all odds when she accidentally made the most insane throw I've ever seen. Well, almost; I only saw the outcome of the situation. While playing with Bronx, Runway's dog, she tossed her dog's toy, and it landed perfectly inside a lamppost 12-15 feet off the ground.

I swear, you can't make this stuff up.

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On Thursday, January 11th, around 6:00 PM, Runway went to visit her mother when the unthinkable happened. She wound up, tossed the elongated dog toy, and somehow it made its way inside the glass fixture that sits on top of the post. Watch for yourself (keep in mind there is NSFW language):

This hurts my brain; I'm baffled.

"My mother comes out and says, 'You're such a moron, Amy, always doing stupid things. You did that on purpose,'" Runway said, "I’m like, 'Mom, I couldn’t do that again if my life depended on it.'"

I'm sorry, but if this happened to me, I'm running straight to R&B Liquors on Belleville Ave and playing the Powerball. The probability of this happening in the first place is somewhere around 1 in 5,000,000,000,000.

Bronx, on the other hand, was not as amused, but luckily, he has multiple more toys to choose from. As for the toy, Runway might want to invest in a ladder.

Somebody get ESPN on the phone; this story belongs in the top 10 plays of the year.

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