Look out, ladies. Big Brother is keeping tabs on your drinking habits. 

The Massachusetts Department of Health & Social Services says we may consume more alcoholic beverages than are good for us. 

The DHSS says, "Moderate drinking levels are generally defined as no more than one drink per day for women (under age 65) and no more than two drinks per day for men (under 65)."

According to the department, "These limits are based on differences between the sexes in both weight and metabolism." 

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The old line "everything in moderation" may not apply to boozing, or at least it may have a different meaning depending on the gender of the person drinking.  

The news is worse for older women who like to imbibe. 

"Elderly (above age 65) should limit alcohol intake because their bodies process alcohol differently," the DHSS says. "The maximum limit of drinks a day for men over 65 is one drink per day, and for women over 65 is less than one per day."

Massachusetts: Women Should Have No More Than One Drink Per Day
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Light or moderate drinkers may have "lower rates of coronary heart disease than abstainers," according to Massachusetts health officials, but they warn studies promoting the benefits of alcohol consumption may not tell the whole story.

According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health at the University of Toronto, "The health benefits of alcohol use are generally overstated and are virtually non-existent for young people."

University researchers say, "Even small amounts of alcohol increase the risk of injury and boost the chances of developing about sixty diseases."

Tastes great! Less filling! Although potentially harmful, even in small amounts, say the experts. 

Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger.

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