I always say it: The SouthCoast might just be one of America's most underrated spots for vacationers.

Instead of sitting in hours of traffic trying to get over the Bourne or Sagamore bridges only to get hit with standstill bumper-to-bumper Cape Cod traffic on Route 6, smart travelers utilize the beautiful towns of Westport, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Mattapoisett and Marion.

If relaxation is your main goal, there are so many great spots to sit around a campfire, do a little fishing or even go for a leisurely walk on a wooded trail.

One big Hollywood name has grown up knowing about this SouthCoast secret.

James Spader is best known for starring opposite Molly Ringwald in the 1980s coming-of-age movie Pretty in Pink, and for later roles in The Office, Boston Legal, The Blacklist and The Avengers: Age of Ultron.  

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Spader's mother was an art teacher at the Pike School in Andover. Spader attended Pike before heading to high school right up the street at Phillips Academy. Spader's father was also a teacher at the nearby Brooks School in North Andover.

The Spaders took full advantage of their summers off by vacationing on the family's waterfront compound off of Point Road in Marion. The long driveway leads to multiple small summer homes on the lot surrounded by tall pine trees. The homes are hidden from view from the main road.

The land leads right up to beautiful Marion Harbor.

Spader spent many lazy summer days bopping around Marion while working at the town's general store.

Several years ago, he bought the family estate for $1.1 million.

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