Now and then when I'm bored, I like to ask the general audience weird questions. It's what helps pass the time.

While sitting on my back porch one day soaking in a lazy Sunday with a can of non-alcoholic IPA, I wished it was in a bottle instead. I'm generally not picky but there's something satisfying about drinking from a glass bottle as opposed to a can.

I'm happy to know I'm not alone.

I asked 75 of my friends from the SouthCoast if they, too, had a preference and the results were completely one-sided.

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Fifty-two people agreed that drinking beer out of a bottle was much more satisfying, while only eight people were Team Cans. As for the remaining 15 who voted, they missed the point of the question. They either couldn't care less about bottles and cans, or would rather drink from a pint glass, or something completely different such as a hard seltzer, a margarita or whiskey on the rocks.

Now, the real question I should have asked: Does drinking out of a can as opposed to a bottle (and vice versa) change the taste of the beer? Again, it's all how your mind perceives it, but I bet some people can taste the difference.

As long as it's cold and not skunked, that's really all I care about.

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