Ah, yes. Another polar plunge for the books as my buddies and I brought in 2024 the best way we know how to- by freezing for fun.

On January 1st, I met up with my brothers from the Providence Rugby team down at Horseneck Beach in Westport for a little New Years dip. It was the same old song and dance until our feet hit the water.

I'm curious how other polar plungers reacted across the SouthCoast, because for some reason I noticed a significant temperature difference than past years. Yeah, the ocean was pretty damn cold (colder than normal).

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Over the years, I've been desensitized to frigid temperatures and physically enjoy an ice bath every now and then. It's good for the muscles, it's refreshing, and extremely invigorating. It's all about proper breathing control and technique. However, I struggled this year and found myself not walking, but running out of the ocean as fast as humanly possible without busting my knee cap open on all the rogue rocks that were washed ashore.

The second my head went beneath the surface, I felt a sharp bite of coldness that made it extremely difficult to catch my breath. As for the air temperature, it wasn't bad at all in the mid '40s. That ocean couldn't be any more than 40 degrees, but mentally it felt like 10.

Nothing a little celebratory champagne toast couldn't fix to warm the soul. Onto a new year with a fresh start.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Here's to new beginnings with old friends. Cheers!

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