I'm going to die.

So I'm keeping up with my progress on here to keep myself accountable. Maybe I can even inspire some folks to get back in the gym and get off the McDonald's.

I officially survived the first week of P90X. Tony Horton is a monster, and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that every single part of my body hurts. I've never wanted to just lay on the floor and do nothing more than right now. The good news is that after just one week, I'm down 4.5 pounds. I started last Monday at 226.5. This Monday I was 222.

The hardest part of trying to get back on track is the eating. It's almost not even just eating bad stuff, but overeating. I LOVE to snack on stuff when I watch TV. I LOVE to stack on stuff when I'm not watching TV. At least last week, for the most part, I kept it to healthy snacks, but nevertheless it was not the best I could've done. Seeing 4.5 pounds come off though is encouraging enough to make me want to really focus more on the diet aspect of things.

We'll see how this second week goes, and if I can find some kind of groove. If you're roughing out a journey yourself or want to start or share stories, please do! Just shoot me an email. If you have some advice, let me know too. God knows I'll need it!

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