There are some common foods and everyday household items that could cause a fire in your house or apartment. The list may shock you, but they all have been proven to cause fires.

Check out the list from strickefirstusa and find out how these item cause fires.

-Oranges. Believe it or not, eating an orange or squeezing a lemon near any open flame (like a gas stove or candle) is dangerous. There is an chemical in those fruits called limonene. It is very flammable.

-Doritos. Really? Well according to the Strike First site, Doritos and m,any other snake foods, like Cheetos are very flammble and should be kept away from flames or any source of heat.

-Hand Sanitizer. Apparently many people have been burned while using a lighter or matches after applying hand sanitizer..

-Non Dairy Milk and Creamer. They contain a chemical called sodium aluminosilicate thqt will burn when exposed to a flame or extreme heat. Be care. Be aware of this when your are cooking.

-Sugar. This is something you have to keep a close eye on when using it while cooking. Sugar will ignite easily. An example is marshmallows. They contain a lot of sugar and burn easily when be roasted.

-Garlic. Experienced chefs will tell you that when cooking with garlic,you should use low heat. If it gets too hot, garlic can cause cooking oil to splash from the pan and cause a fire.

The article says that fires that start in the kitchen are the most common cause for private residences burning down. In addition to the items above, there are the more obvious cooking hazards, such as oil and cooking wines.

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