I’m the new kid on the block, so it will take me some time to catch up on all of the SouthCoast lingo and OG spots. However, this is one that I heard about long before I started working at FUN 107. People speak so highly of it, and they seem pretty passionate about it, too. So today felt like the perfect day to finally try it.

This is my personal review of the infamous Chippi from Mirasol’s Café.

It’s a shame to have to check out places for the first time during a pandemic. I am sure on an average day, the dining area is cozy and welcoming, but today, the high-top chairs were being used as barricades to prevent people from lingering. Nevertheless, I was greeted by a lovely young lady who was ecstatic when I told her that this was my first Mirasol’s experience. I explained to her that I felt compelled to try a Chippi after all of the hype I’ve been hearing.

“If you like caffeine, sugar, and cream, you won’t be disappointed,” she explained. It’s like she knew me or something. Those are basically my favorite things.

After paying, I got myself situated in my car and prepared myself for the Chippi Experience. Whenever I try something for the first time, I approach it with an optimistic attitude, mixed with a little bit of skepticism.

At first glance, this drink looked as light as a glass of milk. I had a feeling it was going to be sweet. Sweet was an understatement. I took the first sip and a rush of sugar hit my taste buds. It was like drinking melted ice cream. The first couple of sips were absolutely delicious, but there was no way I could finish it. The sweetness was far too much. I will admit that the caffeine was extraordinary, and I felt like I could run a marathon, choreograph a dance, and solve a Rubix cube all at once – but when it comes to taste, I like my coffee a little bolder.

My final verdict on the Chippi: It’s yummy but far too sweet to be considered my new go-to coffee drink. I love ice cream, I love caffeine, and I love coffee. But the Chippi proves that you really can have too much of a good thing.

I don’t understand the hype. Am I totally off base? I can’t be the only one!

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