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I never thought I would see the day where I would be disgusted by coffee – until yesterday when I overheard someone place their interesting order.

While I was patiently waiting in the drive-thru line to grab an iced coffee, there was a person in the car in front of me ordering their drink when I overheard them say, “I’ll have an iced coffee with nine creams, nine sugars, and six shots of caramel.”

I was shocked. So shocked, in fact, that I almost forgot to pull up to the window when this person was done ordering. I could not fathom (and still can’t) that someone would put that much stuff into a coffee. Don’t get me wrong, I like my coffee sweetened, but nine creams, nine sugars, and six shots of caramel give “sweetened coffee” an entirely new meaning.

I had to share this with Michael and Gazelle this morning, and they were just as shocked as I was. Was this a typical order of which I just wasn't aware?

Ashley, who works at a coffee shop near the station, called in to let us know she has heard worse.

“So, we actually have someone,” she said, “That gets 10 Splenda in a large [coffee] and I cringe every time I make it.”

I’m with you, Ashley, that’s way too much sweetness for me. I don’t even consider that a cup of coffee anymore. That’s sugar with a splash of coffee.

That coffee order had me baffled all day long and I can’t help but wonder if they have cavities from enjoying all of that sweetness.

What do you think? Is that amount of cream and sugar too much or just right?