The heatwave broke over the weekend and it was such a treat to have my windows open, enjoying a breeze blowing through my living room instead of the suffocating humidity we’ve been accustomed to all summer.

As the temperature drops, menus are turning the tide as well, and pumpkin everything is starting to pop up at all of my favorite spots. But is it too early for fall flavors? It’s a topic that seems to polarize everyone.

Over the weekend, my fiancé and I took a trip to a coffee shop near our house. I was surprised to hear him ask for a pumpkin-spiced cold brew.

“It’s not September yet!” I said to him, but he didn’t seem phased by my opinion.

For me, September and the early beginnings of fall usher in the appropriate start time for pumpkin. When I start wearing sweaters and boots every day, that’s when you will catch me chomping down on a pumpkin-flavored pastry or sipping on a pumpkin-flavored beverage.

According to my social media, however, lots of people seem to be ecstatic about this fall flavor coming to menus earlier than ever before.

And the trend goes far beyond coffee. There is pumpkin beer, pumpkin hand sanitizer, and pumpkin air fresheners, to name a few. Before you know it, we’ll be seeing pumpkin-flavored face masks.

I don’t like the idea of rushing through summer. The heat has been testing my patience, but I want to soak up as much summertime as I can before I’m consumed with unpacking fall clothing and adding pumpkin pie ingredients to my shopping list.

Where do you stand on the pumpkin debate? How soon is too soon to hop on the pumpkin train?

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