30,000 Big Macs... Think about that. If I even thought of doing that my heart would just give up before I ever even started.

The craziest part of the story isn't even just the 30,000 Big Macs. The wildest part is that this guy is 64 and super healthy. According to the report on Newser, Don Gorske says he has low cholesterol and perfect blood pressure. That's INSANE. How?

He ate his first one in 1972 and apparently never stopped. The report said that his mother requested he not eat one on the day she died. That's probably because she realized eating that many Big Macs is absolutely outrageous.

Gorske has saved a ton of the receipts, which I can understand if you're keeping count. He also kept wrappers and containers, which is super weird.

When he ate number 30,000 he also bought another one to take home, so he's already at 30,001.

My arteries are clogged just for writing this.


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