The clues that Selena Gomez has been dropping regarding the new song have been cryptic but also heartbreaking. She's been reflecting on her past and really laying in on how deeply she has been hurt.

The song is titled "Lose You to Love Me," and it sounds like she has come out stronger than before. It doesn't really leave much room as to who it may be about. The world knows how hard her breakup with Justin Bieber was on her.

This song is clearly a declaration to the world that she has come out of it stronger than before and she realizes she needed to lose him to love herself. I think we have all made the mistake of just falling in love without holding back and been burned. Maybe this is the perfect song for so many of us.

Can you relate? Oh, you haven't heard it yet. Well, take a listen:

Fun fact: the music video was made entirely on an iPhone. We all knew the power we had in our hands but this is impressive. Watching the video and hearing the song really makes me sad for Selena. Is she ok? Did seeing all the publicity around Justin Bieber's wedding really dig into her?

I think the lyrics show us that she has grown and learned from their relationship. The song is co-written by Julia Michaels, who is known to be able to really hit the emotions on the nose.

Emotions aside, what do you think of the new Selena Gomez? Is this new song wicked good? Should we add is to the Fun 107 playlist? Or is it whack?

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