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Selena Gomez Does Carpool Karaoke!
If you were one of the lucky ones to see Selena Gomez when she performed in Boston, you got to see her put on a pretty good show! (At least better than Bieber taking a nap on stage mid concert) Well she's back at it again with James Corden and the Carpool Karaoke...
Selena And Bieber Together Again
In one of the least surprising moves of all time, Selena Gomez has seemingly given Justin Bieber one more chance at love. The two, who have been involved in an on and off romance for the past few years, are, according to new reports, very much on-again.
Is Selena Gomez Taking Time Off to Get Over Justin Bieber?
Selena Gomez bailed on her Australian tour shortly after cursing and getting caught lip synching onstage at a Jingle Ball 2013 show, making a lot of fans wonder if she was headed for a meltdown. Shortly after, it was revealed that Gomez may be battling lupus. But the reason for her time off may be s…
Selena Gomez
As the father of an 8 year old girl, let me say "THANK YOU, Selena Gomez." It is so refreshing to see a young, talented female singer refusing to dress trashy to sell more records and concert tickets. Watch what Selena said at her concert in Philly this week...

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