Cash Code has quickly become one of Fun 107's most popular contests of all time. Turns out, people who live on the SouthCoast really enjoy winning money. Who'd have guessed?

Sometimes, though, it can become frustrating trying to play Cash Code if you can't find it on the Fun 107 app. If you are having trouble playing the Cash Code contest, I have a Pro Tip for you.

When we're on the radio directing you to open the app and hit the "Cash Code" button to enter the Cash Code, we occasionally get calls from people who can't find the button. Nine times out of 10, the reason they can't see the Cash Code button is due to the fact that they are using an outdated version of the app. Make sure you have updated your Fun 107 app in the App Store. For a guaranteed fix, you can delete the Fun 107 app and reinstall the latest version onto your phone. This fix solves almost 100 percent of the problems most people have trying to find the Cash Code button on the Fun 107 app.

Once the button is there, simply listen at 7:05, 12:05 and 4:05 each day. We'll announce the Cash Code, you open the Fun 107 app, hit the Cash Code button, and message us the code. If we pick your name, we'll surprise you with $250 cash.

Best of luck!

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