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Over the past five years, we have seen our Cash Code contests grow incredibly. This is by far the most popular contest that Fun 107 runs. It's not even close. We've done an extensive amount of research to see what types of prizes people enjoy winning. It turns out that cash is still a very popular prize. Who knew?

In fact, Cash Code has grown so much that yesterday, which was Day 1 of the new $10,000 version of the contest, attracted the most single entries every submitted in the history of the contest – there were over 85,000 entries!

A lot of people will ask me about the secret to winning with the Cash Code contest. To be honest, there really is no secret to winning. The winners are drawn completely at random and show up on the computer in the Fun 107 studio.

However, I DO have some "pro tips" to share about how to play the game.

1. Download the Fun 107 app. This is the most important thing you can do. While you can enter at, entering on the app is easier because you will generally have your phone with you throughout the day. That's important, because we're not only playing the game two or three times a day now. We're giving you 10 Cash Codes a day!

2. DON'T just message us on the Fun 107 app. Make sure you hit the "Cash Code" button in the middle of the app's home screen. It's the one that looks like a money bag. If you just message us the word, you will not be in the pool of people who get picked to win the money.

3. Keep track of which number Cash Code is being announced. It DOES matter. You'll need to enter the Cash Code next to the right number.

4. This table might help you keep track of what number Cash Code is being announced:

  • Cash Code No. 1 is announced at 7:05
  • Cash Code No. 2 is announced at 8:05
  • Cash Code No. 3 is announced at 9:05
  • Cash Code No. 4 is announced at 10:05
  • Cash Code No. 5 is announced at 11:05
  • Cash Code No. 6 is announced at 12:05
  • Cash Code No. 7 is announced at 1:05
  • Cash Code No. 8 is announced at 2:05
  • Cash Code No. 9 is announced at 3:05
  • Cash Code No. 10 is announced at 4:05

5. Stay near your phone. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to call someone to give away thousands of dollars and I can't get a hold of them because I go right to voicemail. Answer the phone!

6. Watch out for app alerts sent to your phone. They'll give you a few minutes to get ready to hear the Cash Code. We usually do them at roughly five minutes past the hour, depending upon the length of the last song.

7. Get a group of friends to help you win. It's hard to listen and hear all 10 of the codes every day. If you miss one, don't worry – just keep listening for the next one. But my pro tip is to get a team of people to listen. I know some people who have put together a group text and they text the codes to one another each hour. Work together.

Now, start thinking about how you’ll spend the money. We actually love to hear how you'll spend your $10,000. Open the Fun 107 app and hit the "Send Audio" button. We might even play it on the air.

Good luck!

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