All of us here at Fun 107 are anxiously awaiting the SouthCoast's Grand Re-Opening. As it stands right now, we are counting down the days until May 18, and closely watching for the number of new COVID-19 patients in Massachusetts to slowly reduce each day.

Our goal throughout this crisis has been to help the SouthCoast in three different ways:

1. We donated over $150,000 in free advertising to local, SouthCoast businesses, whether or not they had ever been paying advertisers. Our theory was the quicker business bounces back, the better things will be for all of us.

2. We gave away thousands of dollars in cash to Fun 107 fans with our Thousand Dollar Cash Code. This money was meant to be stimulus money for people who may have lost their jobs. The $1,000 in cash was often met with tears of gratitude.

3. As the SouthCoast starts the process of getting back to work, we want to support our local businesses again with the SouthCoast's Grand Re-Opening.

The SouthCoast's Grand Re-Opening is specifically designed to put money in the pockets of local business owners with the hope that it will offer the business just a little bit of help. The goal is to help in a small way to get the business back on track so they can hire back as many of their employees as possible.

Here's how it works: starting Monday, we'll give away $250 Fun 107 Visa Gift Cards three times a day – on one condition. We need you to promise to spend the money at a locally-owned SouthCoast business.

To enter, just hit the "Submit Audio/Video" button on the Fun 107 app and tell us where you'd spend the $250 in stimulus money. We could surprise you with a free gift card. Listen at 7 a.m., 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. to win.

A big thank you to Aaron Pools and Spas who always helps us when we are trying to help the SouthCoast community. We can always count on them!

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