What is it like to win a thousand dollars in cash from Fun 107?

Ask Nicole Enos from New Bedford. The former Marion resident and Brewfish waitress said she downloaded the Fun 107 app a couple of years ago to get news updates, to play our contests and games, and to listen to Fun 107 on her iPhone.

"NO WAY! That is so crazy! No way!! Are you kidding me right now?!?!?!" That was Nicole's very first reaction when she heard our voices on the other end of the phone.

She never dreamed when she entered Thursday morning's cash code on the app that she would get a call from the Rock and Fox Show telling her she won. On a normal day, the UMass Dartmouth grad would be heading to her new job at New York Life, but due to the state of the world today, her commute was cut down to a walk down her stairs to the kitchen.

Lucky for Nicole, she makes it a ritual to listen to Fun 107 on Alexa. That's how she caught Thursday's Thousand Dollar Cash Code and entered it in time. Nicole admits that she has missed some of the Cash Code here and there, but really tries to catch them every day at 7:05, 1:05 and 4:05. She says the app really helped her enter a majority of the codes because we send out reminders.

"The notifications really help me remember to turn on Fun 107 if I'm not listening so I can catch the Cash Code by streaming the station live on my phone," Nicole said.

"You don't even understand how much this thousand dollars will help right now. I'm definitely going to pay some bills and then put some of it away," said Nicole.

Saving some of her winnings? No wonder she works at New York Life. Congratulations, Nicole Enos!

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