What is it like to win $1,000 with Fun 107's Thousand Dollar Cash Code? Just ask Kiaryne Ramos from New Bedford.

Kiaryne was getting ready for work on Friday morning when she head the $1,000 Cash Code code word. She had been entering the $1,000 Cash Code every single day as often as she could to try to win the money, but she never thought she'd win.

She got the surprise phone call as she was driving into work at First Citizens Federal Credit Union.

"Honestly, I really wasn't sure if people really won money like this, but I guess they really do," said Kiaryne.

Kirayne said it was her sister who got her hooked on the $1,000 Cash Code game and encouraged her to enter each day, so she joked that her sister is going to be looking to split the money. What is her sister's name?

"You won't believe it," said Kiaryne. "It's Pieryne."

Kiaryne says she has been a Fun 107 fan for as long as she can remember, but this is the very first time she's ever won anything with the radio station.

"My sister won once a few years ago, but never big money like this," she said.

Well, that listening really paid off when she got the thousand-dollar call from The Rock and Fox Show.

Congratulations to Kiaryne (and Pieryne), and be sure to continue to listen each and every day to win new prizes. Beginning this week, Fun 107 will be giving away $250 Fun 107 Visa gift cards for people who promise to spend the money at a locally-owned SouthCoast business.

Be sure to listen to Fun 107 on our app or through your Alexa device.

How to Spend Your $250 Fun 107 Visa Gift Card on the SouthCoast

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