When it comes to dads, I hit the jackpot. He has been my biggest fan since day one and he is the most loyal listener that Fun 107 has.

But even the perfect dads make mistakes, like downloading the wrong Fun 107 app.

Let me explain.

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To celebrate my dad’s birthday on Friday, we enjoyed a nice brunch at one of our favorite spots in Warwick. As we caught up on life over coffee and eggs benedict, he lovingly mentioned how proud he was of me and how he loves hearing my voice each morning.

I’m almost thirty, but knowing that my dad listens to me every morning brings me so much joy.

Then he said, “Thankfully when I’m not at work, I can catch up with you on the app.”

He proudly pointed to his phone and I almost spit out my coffee with laughter.

My sweet father, my number one fan, had downloaded the app of a different radio station out in California.

Granted, it is called “Fun 107” but it was far from the SouthCoast’s #1 hit music station.

“Dad, that’s not us,” I said to him.

“Oh, no wonder I could never find what you guys were talking about,” he joked.

After laughing together for what felt like hours, I downloaded the correct one for him.

The man just turned 67, so I’ll cut him some slack, but if you have an older loved one in your life, do them a favor and make sure they have the correct Fun 107 app.

Happy Birthday, Dad. Thank you for always making me smile.

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