My mother warned me that bringing a puppy into the home is like a trial run for children, and at the time, I remember saying, “Yeah, right.”

Turns out, Mother does know best, and she was right.

When it comes to potty training, my puppy is just like a baby without the luxury of diapers.

It’s safe to say that my couch is ruined and the smell of puppy pee is permanently stuck in my nose.

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I understand that puppies require patience, but I reached my breaking point on Sunday when I returned from a trip to my disobedient Frenchie, Miss Coco.

My Breaking Point

“She has been an angel all week, she has been so good!” said my husband as I made my way home from the airport on Sunday.

Within hours of being home, Miss Coco was singing a different tune, and had not one, but two accidents on the couch while simultaneously terrorizing the cats.

I was at my boiling point and I’m beginning to feel hopeless.

One of the biggest problems is that my husband and I want to take very different approaches to puppy parenting. My husband is in favor of “gentle” parenting, while I’m more in favor of a disciplinarian style.

I went upstairs, shut the bedroom door, and kept all the animals (and my husband) out.

“Let’s just have a restart tomorrow,” I said to him.

We Need Help

You may be saying, “Maddie, why are you aggravated with your husband? It’s not his fault.”

That may be true, but when I am the one who cleans the upholstery, cleans the pee-stained laundry, and has to be the “bad guy” by disciplining our sweet Coco, it takes its toll.

So, here I am (again) asking for help with my unruly puppy.

Did you have a puppy that thought the world was their bathroom? If so, how did you deal with it?


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