The world of radio is a strange and fast-paced experience.

Over the past 10 years at Fun 107, I've encountered many weird scenarios, some really cool moments and even some unforgettable memories. Throughout those years, I've welcomed new faces to the team and I've also said my goodbyes. It's a non-stop cycle that will never grow dull.

Just recently, the morning show underwent a change of crew members when my close co-worker, friend, and work-mom Christine Fox had shifted from the morning show to mid-mornings. Although she's still with us, I will never forget the fond memories we shared together during the former Rock & Fox Show.

Now, moving forward to the new line-up of the morning team, Fun 107 proudly presents to the SouthCoast, Ms. Maddie Grimaldi (soon to be Maddie Levine), giving birth to the Michael & Maddie Show.

Today was Day 1 and there's so much I'd like to get off my chest.

As Michael Rock and Maddie's producer, it's part of my job to analyze and study their every move. In order to run a tight ship, it's better if I'm inside of their heads, reading their minds and anticipating their next moves. It's just the way I operate.

Since Maddie has previous radio experience and knows her way around the airwaves, I knew that my job was going to be somewhat easier, but never intended for today to go the way it did.

The 10 a.m. hour approached and before I even realized, the show was already done for the day.

Normally, on a busy day, I'm mentally drained after each show since I commit every inch of my focus and brain capacity to the show, constantly working, always moving, continuously thinking to make sure Michael and Maddie have everything they need to perform. Their talent is already exceptional, so if I can take away some if not all of the stress of an everyday show, then I've done my job correctly.

To my surprise, the first show flew by quickly with pretty much zero error – always leave room for error, the world isn't perfect and if it was, there would be no room for improvement.

We had fun! It was as if she had already done the show before and knew the format of our station, but again, it was her first day on the job. That just doesn't happen.

I'm beyond proud of her efforts to make a transition so seamless and so stress-free on everyone. If I were to grade her performance (from a friend's point of view), it would be an A all day, but not quite yet an A+, only because the SouthCoast has yet to see Maddie's full potential and quite frankly, I don't think anyone's ready for the fire this girl's about to bring to the table.

That being said, welcome to Fun 107 and to the morning team, Maddie, I'm honored to be your producer, your foodie buddy and your "let's make weird TikToks" go-to (if you ever wanted to, of course). Most importantly, welcome to the family. I'm so glad you're here by our sides every morning, waking up the beautiful and very eclectic people of the SouthCoast.

Here's to Day 1 and many, many more moving forward. The skie's the limit.

P.S. sStay tuned for a further review as we get to know each other much better. I'm having way too much fun with this.


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