Swapping Faces
It's not every day that you get to swap faces with people... Especially big time names such as Pink, Madonna or even Bruno Mars! Well, That's exactly what I did and it's simply just creepy.
Woman Squirts Breast Milk Into Carton Milk At Work
This woman wins the award for most disgusting prank of the year. I can see how a young person may think its funny but this seems like a full grown adult woman pulling pranks on her co workers. On the other hand, if its good enough for baby's, why not anyone...
Food Theft
I'm the most patient person ever and probably one of the most giving. I give everything I have to everybody else, even though I am dirt poor. Like "Joe Dirt" but with no mullet.
Fun Morning Show in Trouble
Come on really? Who doesn't make comments about others in the workplace? Plus, we're on the radio! Today is a sad day for the FUN Morning Show as we lose our beautiful view into the lobby over nonsense. Just nonsense.