I have a confession to make.

I stole from my local grocery store, and I can never go back.

It was an accident, but an infraction nonetheless, and here’s what happened.

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My first mistake was going to the grocery store hungry. Before I started checking off my grocery list, I beelined it for the single-serve protein bars, devoured one, and stuffed the wrapper in my pocket, fully intending to ring it up when I checked out.

With my appetite satiated, I completed my grocery list and went over to the self-checkout.

I paid for my items, got to my car and reached in my pocket for my keys.

That’s when I realized that I never paid for the protein bar.

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I felt so guilty, especially because a coworker eyeballed me when I opened the protein bar and ate it right in front of them.

I can’t be the only one who has done this, right? If I buy a bag of grapes, I’ll “taste test” a few. If I buy a bag of chips, I may even open the bag and have a little treat while shopping.

But this was the first time I didn’t pay for something.

How do people rob banks? It’s unbelievable the amount of anxiety a simple protein bar gave me. I could never handle a bank heist or stick up.

Long story short, I need a new grocery store. My pride won’t ever let me go back to that one.

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