How can you not smile when looking at this man's happy face?

This is Gabe Sonnier, an elementary school principal in Port Barre, Louisiana.  He didn't start out with that position though, in fact, he didn't even start out as a teacher!  He started out in the school as the janitor and worked his way up!

Mr. Sonnier started working at the school over 30 years ago, and the principal back then saw something in Gabe and said to him "I'd rather see you grading papers than picking them up."  Gabe said that no one ever believed in him that much, so he went back to school, got his teaching degree, and became a teacher!  He then went after his Master's and worked his way up to becoming the principal this past November.

Even to this day though, he still insists on cleaning his own office.

This man put on a smile on my face from the moment I started watching his story.  He's a true inspiration!  Way to go Mr. Sonnier!  Check out his video here, for a nice dose of positivity!

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