One Family's Journey With A Transgender Child
Some things that expectant parents may think about before their little one enters the world may be which one of the parents will they look like? Will they be born healthy? What color hair will they have? One thing that's not thought about much is, will they be happy with the gender they were bo…
Pharrell Breaks Down On The Oprah Show
Pharrell Williams is enjoying HUGE success with his hit "Happy"!
The song is popular worldwide, and has inspired many around the world to make videos of inspiration thanks to the songs happy lyrics.
Pharrell was on the Oprah show, and she played him a clip of that inspiration and his…
Oscar Speech Leaves Many Inspired
As a father of a 6-year-old daughter, I'll be sure to show Abby this must-watch video of a speech by Oscar nominee Lupita Nyong someday. In it, Nyong provides a lesson on what real beauty is and how everything else is superficial.
Inspirational Legacy
In his last days, Zach Sobiech wanted to make sure that he left something behind. Something powerful, inspirational, and quite frankly awesome. This is his legacy.