Former New Bedford Principal Loves Her New School.
Dighton - MA
Former John Avery Parker Elementary School Principal, Lynn Dessert, is making her dreams become a reality.
According to The Standard Times, she has always wanted to relocate to a smaller town, and Dighton made the perfect spot...
High School Seniors Surprise Principal [VIDEO]
The senior class at Profile Junior-Senior High School in Bethlehem, New Hampshire has set the bar really high for exceptional character. They saved their entire high school career for a class trip New York, but they unanimously decided to cancel it and instead donated every penny to their principal,…
Mariachi Band Follows High School Principal All Day [VIDEO]
New Bedford High School was recently in the news because of a prank that closed the school for one day.
Many were vocal about the type of prank it was and how it affected people negatively.
Seniors at a high school in Santa Barbara thought of a prank that seems to get nothing but laughs at their high …
Principal Closes School In Fun Fashion
How many times have you had the phone ring this year for a school cancellation?
Its happened so many times at one school that the principal decided to have some fun. Stephens Elementary School in Burlington, Kentucky  closed the school due to winter weather this week and here is what the pa…

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