Staying Healthy!  That's one of my 2016 New Years Resolutions and an ongoing personal goal of mine.  I've managed to "clean up" my nutrition over the past 5 years or so but it can be very easy to "mess up" if I'm not prepared with what I'm going to be eating each day.  I know that eating healthy means spreading my meals out 2-3 hours apart, making sure I'm getting enough protein and veggies, also drinking plenty of water and staying away from processed food, sugar and refined carbs (the white stuff).  BUT...sometimes lunch or dinner was not thought out, I am a busy working Mom with a lot going on, like a lot of us!  The last thing I want to do is pull into a sandwich shop or fast food place and order something to eat because I know it is not the healthiest option for me, it's actually not good for me, at all!  I am also pretty good at knowing the foods I should be getting at the supermarket and prepping my lunches and dinners each day.  I do this for a bit and then get sidetracked, again!  It's like a vicious circle that is becoming repetitive.

So, after poking around online and researching options local to me here on the Southcoast, I found a place I think might really work for me.  It first had to be clean, healthy food that taste good.  It had to be convenient for me distance wise because I have no extra time to be traveling outside of where I work and live.  It also had to be affordable to what I typically spend when I end up desperate and have to stop at that sandwich shop I mentioned earlier.  I first found them on Facebook after searching for local spots, then I went directly to their website and couldn't believe I hadn't heard of them sooner than now!  The best thing about them, in addition to everything I just said I needed them to be, they bring my 5 meals for the week directly to ME!  I don't have to go ANYWHERE to have the healthy lunch or dinner I seem to mess up every week without fail.  THIS is my answer, I said to myself; I was so excited that I discovered them and couldn't wait to pick out my lunch for the week.

You may remember them from when they had their place in Dartmouth which opened back in 2002 called The Healthy Grille.  Since then, they've expanded their services and focus most on delivering healthy food prepared 100% fresh and never frozen to people who simply "don't have the time" to prepare it themselves.  That's me.  I LOVE eating healthy and my husband and I enjoy cooking but can't seem to get past Monday, maybe Tuesday without NOT being prepared.  Anyhow, they now call themselves Clean Eats Delivery with Dartmouth still their home base.  But instead of having to go to them and place an order daily, THEY come to me with a weeks worth of lunch or dinner.  Their menu is large and I'm not just saying that...wait until you see how many food choices and options they offer.  Like I said, it had to be fresh, REAL food or I wasn't gonna go for it.  Now that I am eating with them, I can tell you it's not only fresh and real, but it is delicious. Every meal so far has been SO good!  If you are on a special diet or have restrictions by choice or an allergy, they WILL accommodate you.  Chicken dishes, vegetarian, lean meats, fish and salads they have something for everyone.  They even have this great snack which has got a mix of oats, walnuts and cocoa for the chocolate craving we have on occasion (or everyday if you're me)!  You'll have to go to their website and see for yourself what I am so excited about.

clean eats Facebook

In addition to the healthy food delivery service, they offer professional advise on diet, nutrition and exercise.  They can sit with you and help set up a nutrition plan for you whether it's weightloss you want to achieve, building muscle and gaining strength or if you simply just want to get back to or maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.  The are certified nutritionist with several years of experience and can take out all of the guess work and time it takes to make sure you are feeding your body the healthiest way possible.

My meals started this week and in just a short time, I already feel better!  Mentally, I am not stressed about not having lunch with me at work or "uhggg, what am I going to have for dinner".  That alone is huge.  I also FEEL better... because I know what I am putting into my body is real, healthy stuff that happens to be so delicious!!!  I can't wait to have my lunch tomorrow, and I only just finished todays lunch :)  Also, because I am spending what I would if I had to stop and grab lunch at some random place, I do not feel guilty at all.  I'm actually SO thankful I found these guys and can't wait to see how this new approach is going to better my fitness goals, my mood and I'm not gonna lie, it's always nice to drop a few pounds after the holidays!

I am starting the "Health Revolution for 2016" with Clean Eats Delivery right now.  You should join me.  I wasn't going to mention this but I am going to sneakily get Michael on board with this too.  Just give me a few days to make that happen, lol...