Khalid has the most played song on radio in 2019 with "Talk." He doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon, either, releasing a new song with a UK production duo.

Something you may not have known is that Khalid had teamed up with Disclosure for the "Talk" track as well. Khalid may be playing it smart by thinking if it worked before it may work again.

Keep in mind that Khalid is only 21 years old. He actually turns 22 on February 11. I had the chance to see him live when he was in Boston last year and I have to say, he sounds just as good live as he does on the radio.

To me, this song takes on a little bit more of a "house music" vibe than the previous tracks for which Khalid has been known.

If you missed me playing the song on the air, here it is:

As you probably figured out, the song is all about being in a relationship with someone that doesn't treat you the way you should be treated. Khalid wants us to know our worth and not accept anything less. It's an empowerment song for anyone in a relationship that isn't working.

I guess this would be the perfect time to break up with someone, right? No need to buy them a Valentine's gift.

What do you think? Does Khalid's new song have potential to be the most played in 2020? Should we add it to the Fun 107 playlist? Tell us if it's wicked good or totally whack.

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