Jennifer Lopez was on hand at 'Britain's Got Talent' to perform her new single 'Live It Up,' but she didn't quite garner the praises she was probably hoping for. Many viewers of the television show thought her performance was a little too risque for the audience at hand.

According to the Daily Mail, the British television regulation organization Ofcom had received countless complaints from viewers about J. Lo's performance. Many viewers also took to Twitter to voice their concerns writing things like:

J. Lo was wearing a black replica of her outfit in her video for the track, which included a skin tight body suit that revealed a portion her famous booty, a pair of thigh high heeled boots and a fuzzy shrug. The actual performance of the song is certainly not anything new, seeing as Lopez essentially performed a carbon copy of her 2013 Billboard Awards live show.

So why were the viewers of 'Britain's Got Talent' so offended? Perhaps they were none too happy that a mother of two would not tone down her sexy performance for a notoriously family-oriented show. We think even if J. Lo performed the same dance routine, but in a different outfit, those watching with their families would not have been so offended.

Gotta know your audience, J. Lo!