Beachgoers at White Horse Beach got more than just tans yesterday as they enjoyed their time by the water. The Mayflower II was anchored down off the coast and members on board decided to give an impromptu performance, delighting guests on board as well as lucky listeners on the beach.

Eileen Singer is a member of the Colonial Navy of Massachusetts. Every morning, she and her bandmates play the fife during the raising of the flag on the ship. The fife, she explained, “is a military instrument that is used to call certain duties in the military setting." Eileen was invited to sail as a crew member and act as the medical officer on board.

Eileen said the experience of being on a ship that would have sailed the seas in 1620 was both exciting and daunting.

“I learned a ton about sailing,” she said, while she reflected on the bumps and bruises she had received when handling the gigantic ropes and hauling lines.

But the real fun occurred when Eileen and her fellow crew members took out their fifes and played a 20-minute concert for the people on board.

“We decided to play while we were at sea because we had some passengers on board and we were doing something to pass the time, waiting for the wind to pick up," she said. What she didn’t realize was that the sounds of their performance traveled over the water and onto the beach, where the beachgoers at White Horse were able to enjoy a traditional performance from a replica of a historic ship.

After seeing this video online, Eileen said, “My friends and I were a little surprised that we could be heard as far as we could. I guess the music traveled pretty well!”

The Mayflower II continues to bring excitement as it sails around the waters of the SouthCoast.

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