Global Learning Charter Public School students got the performance of a lifetime. On November 8, 10 GLCPS seniors took a trip to the Boston Opera House to see Broadway hit “Hamilton: An American Musical," a production of which is on its national tour.

The students were attending this performance of "Hamilton" because of the Hamilton Education Program. The goal of the Hamilton Education Program is to use the musical's words, music and staging to enhance the students' understanding of American history. After all the student groups performed, they were treated to a full performance of "Hamilton."

Luckily for two GLCPS students, their original song was chosen. Out of hundreds of students from 50 schools, only 15 were invited to perform their pieces. Their spoken word piece “Boston Massacre” (written by fellow GLCPS senior Raquel Souza) was performed by Jade Pennington, who played Paul Revere, and Azara Pereira-Souto, who played British Redcoat Captain Thomas Prescott, in front of a crowd of 2500 students and chaperones on the Boston Opera House stage.

After all of the students performed, they got to watch the show and even do a Q&A session with the cast of "Hamilton."

Congratulations to Jade, Azara, and Raquel for writing an amazing piece and getting the opportunity to perform it at the Boston Opera House. The whole show was an amazing experience for the students and chaperones, something they’ll all remember for a very long time.

GLCPS at 'Hamilton'

Additional Reporting by Jhona Coombs

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