The COVID-19 coronavirus may have forced us to have to self-quarantine, but it most certainly hasn't broken our spirit. At least it hasn't for a local nursing home/rehabilitation center

News of coronavirus restrictions spread fast throughout one local nursing home, and SouthPointe activity coordinators feared it would make group activities and resident-family interaction impossible.

“At the end of the day, we all get to go home to our families, whereas the residents are not able to. Because of that, I feel even more responsible to add as much sunshine to their lives as possible,” said Activities Director Peggy Sullivan.

SouthPointe is one of a handful of senior living providers in the greater southeast area that have had to adapt much-loved programs to protect residents from the severity of the coronavirus.

“We have managed to distance six feet apart between residents outside of their bedroom doors,” said Activities Coordinator Stacey Pacheco, noting that the distance allows for residents to play Bingo, Bottoms Up, and their beloved game of Horse Races while still keeping them out of risk.

It’s not just in-house activities that required extra effort. One major adjustment has been helping residents stay in touch with family and friends.

“FaceTime has become our best friend,” said Sullivan. “Family members, young and old are embracing this form of communication, beyond our wildest dreams."

Just this week, SouthPointe recruited New Bedford native Chris Waters to perform outside residents' windows. Waters sang and strung along to age-old favorites like "California Girls" by The Beach Boys and "La Bamba" by Ritchie Valens.

Vanessa Combs/Townsquare Media
Vanessa Combs/Townsquare Media

Residents gathered at their bedroom windows, while activities coordinators, nurses, CNAs, and even some family members joined Waters in the grass to dance and sing along to SouthPointe’s very own outdoor concert series.

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