Frozen Freak Out [VIDEO]
Dads are punks. We know this. Dads are supposed to drive you bananas. When you think about it, they're just like brothers. They love you, want to keep you safe, but can't help it when they feel like pushing their little girls' buttons. *Cue daughters*
This little girl LOVES Frozen...
Street Performer In France Has An Unbelievable Voice [VIDEO]
Some of the most talented musicians and performers are found right under our noses, in public, on the streets trying to make any money they can. Some even go on to being on T.V. like America's Got Talent, or do Kraft Macaroni and Cheese commercials becuase of their remarkable voice. Get a loa…
My Son John The Jokester [VIDEO]
Like father, like son I guess. We spend a lot of time together at the playground and have a lot of father/son moments, it's even better when I get them on tape.

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