I honestly was not ready for this in any way.I mean like, I knew the dude could sing. Jack Black is in a band he's been singing, but for some reason I never expected this amazing of a performance. He performed it at a WNBA game just a couple weeks after Fergie's anthem at the NBA All-Star Game.

We all saw how Fergie's performance went down. It was, uh, less than stellar. She tried to jazz it up a bit too much and add too much. Not Jack though! Jack Black was just straight forward and to the point. He was just out there "sangin'." He absolutely crushed all the notes. He looked a little silly at points because he wasn't at all dressed up and his hair was a mess. I mean, he IS Jack Black. Even the crowd was surprised. You can here them shockingly ooh and ahh Either way check out his amazing performance here:

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