Happy Wet Nose Wednesday! Let's talk animals.

The love from a pet is the best feeling in the world. If you are looking to bring that love into your home, consider adoption.

There are hundreds of animals on the SouthCoast waiting for their forever homes, and every week we give one of them the spotlight.

This week, we head to Fall River where a lively dog is looking to be someone's adventure pal.

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Meet Billabong. Billabong is a young Australian Cattle Dog/ Blue Heeler currently residing at Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River, and he is a lively guy.

Billabong is high-energy, high-action, and incredibly intelligent.

He thrives outdoors with plenty of room to run, jump, and play. He's very friendly, and if you let him, he'll climb up into your arms.

"There is an initial stranger danger phase where he'll bark and sniff you out, but it's just his way of saying hello," said the shelter. "Once toys or treats are in the picture, it's all over."

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The shelter recommends no cats or young children in the home.

"Keep in mind this breed is one that typically exists on farms to keep them physically and mentally stimulated, so this is not going to be an apartment dog," said the shelter.

Billabong is a certified "good boy." He'll be ideal for a family that's active, outdoorsy, and can keep up with the needs of a tenacious pup.

Does Billabong sound like a good fit for you and your family? Contact Forever Paws Animal Shelter, fill out an application, and schedule a play date asap.

Billabong cannot wait to meet you.

Forever Paws Animal Shelter

300 Lynwood St, Fall River

(508) 677-9154

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