Taylor Swift has been no stranger to controversy recently. Fighting to own her own music and diving into politics has been at the forefront of her career over the past year or so.

She is set to take the stage on Sunday night at the Grammy Awards and has been hinting at a very politically-driven performance. Rumors started circulating early today that she may not be performing at the Grammys after all.

The news comes just days after the Grammy Academy ousted President and Chief Executive Deborah Dugan. Deborah has since filed a discrimination lawsuit against the Academy, claiming unfair treatment that persisted through her tenure.

Taylor's performance was set to be one that would make a statement but also be entertaining.

We know Taylor goes big for every televised performance, so this Sunday will not disappoint. Many

Her next radio single is "The Man," which was rumored to be the song she would be performing Sunday night. The track showcases the sexism that has taken place in the music industry.

Swift's rumor of pulling her performance may be one to show solidarity for Dugan.

Do you think it's a good idea for Taylor to show her solidarity with the ousted Grammy chair? Or do you think she should still perform to get the message out?

Will you still watch the Grammy Awards this weekend even if Taylor decides to pull her performance?

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