In case you missed it, Gazelle was showing off his latest purchase on the morning show today. He inexplicably paid $15 for what is supposed to be "the perfect Dorito" specimen. It arrived today, handsomely displayed in a mason jar, and somehow remaining unbroken through its travels from the Bronx.

I'm not going to lie, it's an attractive-looking corn chip. Fifteen dollars, though? I'm not sure I'd go that far.

It reminded me a whole lot of this article I wrote about three and a half years ago about a website that could help New Englanders sell their perfectly-shaped maple leaves for $1 apiece.

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It also reminds me a lot of a different article I wrote about six years ago about a guy from Boston who was selling "authentic blizzard snow" from the Blizzard of 2015. He was selling six pounds of snow for "only $89" (marked down from $99). He'd package the snow up in a plastic bag and wrap it in tin foil. People from warm climates were actually buying it as a gag gift.

We started thinking about different things we could sell to out-of-towners at a crazy markup. One idea was a "New Bedford surprise" featuring fish heads and fish guts. You could mail it to someone you don't particularly care for, all for only $19.95.

I have to give credit to a couple of callers who came up with some pretty legitimate ideas. One gentleman's idea was to sell authentic New England clamshells, presented in a mason jar similar to the Dorito. The shells could come bleached or "au natural" with the original stink.

Someone else called in with an idea for the holidays: New England pine cones. A pack of 10 for $10.

Do you know the craziest part? These ideas would actually work. There's a buyer for everything.

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