It's a regular thought I have each year as my back aches and the rake is gathering the leaves from my front lawn. I always wonder, "Why can't leaves be a sign of wealth? The more leaves on your front lawn...the more your lawn is worth." Well, my dreams may be coming true.

According to the Boston Herald, a new website can turn your leaves into cash.  It's called, and the site says it will pay New Englanders $1 for each perfect New England Maple leaf you can find.  Clearly, there are certain criteria that the leaves must meet.

Selling your Southcoast leaves is reminiscent of the time a Boston man decided to sell the snow from his yard after the Blizzard of 2015.  The man successfully sold 16 oz. bottles of the "authentic" blizzard snow for $99!!!  We're thinking we're in the wrong business!

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