A Wareham woman took to Facebook hoping she wasn't the only one in the area who recieved a survey accompanied by cash.

First, who carries cash on them anymore? Second, I thought it was illegal to send cash through the mail. OK, so it's not illegal to send money through the U.S. Postal Service, at least in the small amounts that the Centers for Disease Control are sending to people to take a survey.

Ellen Macfarland recently took to Facebook to see if anyone else had received this survey along with some cash and an opportunity to make more money if she agreed to take part.

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Let's get to the real issue here, because it's not the money part. It's the part where the CDC is asking for personal health information -- more precisely, information on the Covid vaccine.

If you recently scheduled a Covid booster appointment, then you know that there are a lot more "existing health condition" questions before you can get the shot.

I'm not a conspiracy theory person at all but it does seem a little intrusive to be sending money to our homes to get us to take a survey.

While Ellen does not wish to disclose whether she completed the survey or not, and I don't blame her, I am curious if anyone else on the SouthCoast got one of these.

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