Am I the only one who enjoys raking leaves?

They say to wait until the tree has completely shed all of its leaves onto the ground before cleaning up the yard, but I take it upon myself to rake every Sunday because I enjoy it.

There's something about a crisp autumn day, music in my headphones, and a rake in my hand to really put me in a good mood. To some people, raking can be a tedious project, but for me, I enjoy taking the time out of my day to clean up the fallen foliage.

Just this past week, I noticed that the tree still had a good amount of leaves on it, but the satisfaction of having a clean, leaf-free yard is worth the work. I've been known to cut wood with my handy-dandy ax and to me, it's that same rush and overall happy feeling.

It's a dose of serotonin for me and if you add a little sunshine on top of it, then consider me on Cloud 9. A clean yard is a happy yard, that's what I always said.

I've never been one to be attracted to video games and was always an outdoors kind of guy, so when it comes to yard work or anything that involves physical activity, count me in.

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