Fun Fall Scavenger Hunt for Kids
There are so many amazing places to take a fall walk on the SouthCoast, but sometimes the kids aren't as into it as you are. This fall scavenger hunt could make them more excited about exploring the great outdoors.
Selling Leaves
It's a regular thought I have each year as my back aches and the rake is gathering the leaves from my front lawn. I always wonder, "Why can't leaves be a sign of wealth? The more leaves on your front lawn...the more your lawn is worth." Well, my dreams may be coming true.…
Am I Accidentally Killing My Bamboo Plant?
I've always been the type of person that has a difficult time keeping flowers and plants alive. Thankfully, people that know me know this, and my best friend gave me an easy-to-keep-alive bamboo plant as a housewarming gift a couple years ago.
Vermont Teddy Bear Factory [PICS]
Back from Vermont, and my family and I had a great time. We love spending quality family time together and have decided to have our family vacation every year in Vermont. Why Vermont? The leaves are absolutely gorgeous this time of year, and some of the local attractions are pretty cool as well.