There are so many amazing places to take a fall walk on the SouthCoast, but sometimes the kids aren't as into it as you are. This fall scavenger hunt could make them more excited about exploring the great outdoors.

Want to head out for a walk in the park or a short hike in the woods, but your kids aren't as thrilled as you are about the fresh air?

Sometimes turning a seasonal walk into a game could turn everything around.

I've found that a seasonal scavenger hunt, where you look for classic fall things could be the way for you to enjoy a walk without all the whining.

Here's some fall things to look for that you can typically find whether in the woods or in a park.

1. Acorn - bonus points if you can find a green one!

2. Pine cone - plenty of these are already everywhere.

3. Feather - the birds are out and the feathers may be dropping. See what kind you can find.

4. Twig - super easy to find and fun for the kids to carry on the hike

5. Spider web - this is one that might be better for just seeing instead of collecting

6. Maple key - the spinning seeds from maple trees are all around and its fun to watch them fall

7. Red leaf - brown and yellow are the most common, so it may be a little trickier to find a red one, depending on where you're walking.

It's seven simple things to help keep the kids occupied a little longer on your next hike.

You could collect them to take them home, take photos as you find them or just spot them as you walk around.

Happy hunting!

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