I've always been the type of person that has a difficult time keeping flowers and plants alive. Thankfully, people that know me know this, and my best friend gave me an easy-to-keep-alive bamboo plant as a housewarming gift a couple years ago.

She told me that all the plant needed was sun and water, easy enough! I have to keep plants away from my cats, so I keep the bamboo in the upstairs bathroom next to a window with plenty of water. Well, one time I left the door open by accident and the cats knocked over the plant, spilling the water everywhere! Luckily, the glass didn't break and the cats didn't eat the bamboo.

I cleaned up the mess, refilled the water and put the plant back in its place, but it was never the same after that! I started noticing that the leaves were getting brown and yellow and I thought I had somehow killed the plant. Sad, but no big surprise, since it seems like I just don't know how to keep them alive! I didn't want to tell my friend that gave me the bamboo, because she had told me how easy it was to keep alive and I didn't want her to think that I failed.

Well, enough was enough, this poor plant was yellow and brown for over a month and I didn't know how to fix it. I changed the water, nothing happened. I showed my friend the plant and she had some good news! I didn't kill it! She said I could just pluck off the yellow leaves and it would be fine! I also looked some info up on the trusty internet, and found that the plant will respond better to bottled water than it will to tap water.

So I changed the water again today, put filtered water instead and plucked off the yellow and brown leaves.

Well, that was earlier this morning...we'll see how the bamboo plant does over the next couple of days! I hope I helped it!

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