This guy is a genius. He's selling the snow out of his backyard.

According to, Kyle Waring from Manchester-By-The-Sea got the bright idea while shoveling out from the last blizzard. What if he could package up the snow and ship it to people in warm climates? Would people actually buy it? The answer? Yes!

Kyle was able to successfully sell 16 ounce. bottles of "historic Boston snow" for $19.99 including shipping and handling. People actually bought it. The problem was, the snow was melting before they arrived at their destination, so Kyle changed his packaging strategy.

He now sells six pounds of snow for "only $89" (marked down from $99). Waring packages it up in a plastic bag and wraps it in tin foil. He says corporations are buying the snow as gag gifts. You can buy some of his snow at


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