Fall River just got creative in order to motivate its residents to clean up the city, and it involves putting money in your pocket.

Honestly, if you have a home with a yard you should want to take pride in keeping it clean. But sometimes, people need a little extra motivation, and cash always helps.

Mayor Paul E. Coogan is encouraging people to get together and beautify an area of the city in a Clean-Up Competition.

You could win $300, $200 or $100 prizes based on the before and after photos of your yard cleanup.

Like with anything that goes on in the world nowadays, there is a hashtag that they want participants to use to feature their progress: #CleanUpFallRiver.

In order to be considered for any of the cash prizes, you and your group must submit before and after pictures via email to the Mayor's office by midnight on August 27 at mayor@fallriverma.org.

When and how will they announce the winners? Well, they are also trying to promote the City's drive-in experience, so you guessed it, the winners will be announced at the Fall River Drive-in Movie on August 28.

“We hope that Fall River residents will get competitive and get involved,” said Mayor Coogan. “This is a great opportunity to come together and make Fall River a better place, while still being socially distant. I encourage anyone to participate, no matter how big or small their group or area is.”

This could be something fun to do with your family that is kind of outside-the-box and could help teach kids to take pride in their city.

So is there an area in Fall River that you think could absolutely use some tender love and care? If so, grab some family members or some friends, practice social distancing, wear a mask, and get to it. Good luck.

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