Went through the drive-thru recently and noticed something interesting. The Big King from Burger King is back. For years, McDonald's has been selling the Big Mac and now the 'battle of the burgers' continues.

According to Consumerist, when you look at both, they look quite similiar split right down the middle. And, If you're wondering if trademark will be an issue,

Since there’s no trademark on how you assemble a sandwich, accusing Burger King of copy-catting likely won’t trouble consumers much. After all, Big Boy has been selling a similar double-decker burger since 1937, 30 years before the Big Mac showed up in a Pittsburgh McDonald’s in 1967.

So there you go. McDonald's can't say they did it first, because they didn't. Have you tried the Big King and the Big Mac yet? I've always preferred flame-broiled over the way McDonald's makes their burgers, but that's just one opinion. What's your preference?