We live in a world where fast-food restaurants are constantly getting a bad wrap, leaving a bad taste for the select locations that actually go above and beyond on a daily basis.

With all the great restaurants here on the SouthCoast, I'll be the first to admit that fast-food chains are not my first choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but I will dabble every now and then. I mean, who doesn't enjoy a hot Whopper on occasion? It's all about moderation, in my opinion.

There's so much negativity in the world that whenever I come across a positive post, I always enjoy sharing it with the world to add a little light to the darkness. In this case, there's a New Bedford woman named Mandy Cunha who had an outstanding experience at a local Burger King over on Cove Road that deserves the center stage.

Cunha took to Facebook once she got home from ordering her food, and this was what she had to say:

Mandy Cunha via Facebook
Mandy Cunha via Facebook

Personally, I've had wonderful experiences like the one Cunha has had in the past and it always makes me wonder when the next time I'll come across something as uplifting as Cunha's post.

My only hope is that the crew down on Cove Road gets the limelight that they deserve, all thanks to the superb customer service and the neatly-assembled burger, we all know never looks like the photo on the menu – although apparently it does on Cove Road.

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