Nature and art have joining together in way that is sure to delight the entire family this spring at the Green Animals Topiary Gardens in Portsmouth.

Renowned LEGO sculptor, Sean Kenney, has created 14 all new designs to be displayed through the garden grounds, that are themselves already pretty amazing.

Now in addition to the bushes being sculpted into animals, there will be brick animals to wow over too.

LEGO is certainly having a moment in Southern New England. There was the first ever brick convention in Rhode Island last month, the LEGOland in Somerville just re-opened after a $12 million renovation and a traveling LEGO art exhibit just wrapped up a six-month run in Boston.

Now more larger-than-life LEGO displays are coming our way.

This summer, the Green Animals Topiary Gardens in Portsmouth will feature LEGO sculptures from Sean Kenney for the Nature Connects art exhibit. The purpose in this beautiful display is to show guests how everything in nature is connected, just like LEGO bricks in Kenney's art pieces.

Kenney's pieces include a hummingbird suspended while drinking from a flower, a majestic antlered buck and a peacock with its tail feathers on full display and you can get a sneak peak at them below.

All the LEGO sculptures are mixed in among the topiaries already amazing guests at this garden.

Sean Kenney's art with LEBO bricks via Facebook
Sean Kenney's art with LEBO bricks via Facebook

Plus Kenney has made one bonus sculpture of a large brick Bonsai Tree that is being displayed inside the welcome center at The Breakers mansion in Newport to promote the exhibit.

All these stunning works of art are definitely worth a peek for those who love LEGO, so keep scrolling to get a sneak peak of the stunning sculptures.

See The Massive LEGO Sculptures on Display in Portsmouth

The Green Animals Topiary Gardens in Portsmouth are adding some larger than life LEGO sculptures to their grounds this summer. Scroll through to get a sneak peak at the beautiful bricks you can find among the real flowers on display.

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